日記ですな。私が生きた証。 私が自ら作り上げていく人生。 第3幕。


Today was a full of my lessons.

The first class was the most difficult one for me. I somehow managed to listen to their English but I couldn't speak well. I didn't say about me without what I like dancing. And second class was speaking and listening. The third is super intensive class.

What was good for me was I had a coffee time with new friends. They were Korean and Japanese. But we didn't talk in each mother tangue.

I was happy to be someone who could share the feelings or problem etc. Korean encouraged me. I heard he wouldn't go back Korea until he could speak English fluently(at least one year). He inspired me.

And I realized how great the international students in waseda uni. like dahae or songhyun is.

I think it is alike to put new ideas and to learn language because both are recalling what we forget or get used to something we didn't use in dairy life.

To strengthen the persuasiveness is repetition as you know, Obama.