日記ですな。私が生きた証。 私が自ら作り上げていく人生。 第3幕。

The greatest day

Today was kinda special day for me.

Today was holiday in Canada, called family day.

So, I had no class. I went shopping and sightseeing too.

The place was Kensington market. There are china town and many second clothing shops.

Then, I made up my mind to enter any shop I wanted to even slightly.

Through the experiences, I got used to shop and people. When I went into a shop, I could say hello. And I could reply to clerk though I couldn't have a conversation with one Chinese clerk. I was used to the situation we couldn't undersatnd each other. If you had a opportunity like this, it's ok to just think that's happened. It doesn't matter. Right?

Afterwards, I could buy 3 T-shirts by 10$!! (about 1000 yen including in tax) but I was not sure its quality. Haha.

And then, walking the market, I saw a really cute child with Japanese(Chinese?) umbrella. I was eager to take a picture of her.

But I was worried wether I should take a picture or not for a minute with walking.

I thoght I would regret it absolutely if I didn't, same as love for me.

And I decided to do!

Of course, I asked her father if I could. Then, I could! She was very very extremely pretty.

I was happy to be in Toronto for the first time.

I felt I accomplished my purpose in Toronto. LOL

Needless to say, the picture gonna be my treasure.

Then, I encountered one more funny thing.

When I was walking around the city, I was spoken to by one male Cnadian.

After talking with him, I went his home. We drank beer! LOL

(I was sure to be careful. I don't recommend it for women.)

And we'll eat Canadian dinner together.

It reminded me about ko-chi one. LOL

I felt strange. But I'll stay just for 2 weeks. So, I think it's ok! It sounds funny.

Today was such a exciting day. LOL