日記ですな。私が生きた証。 私が自ら作り上げていく人生。 第3幕。

For going abroad (to study)

This may be the last article written in English.

I'd make it end.

I hope it be useful for someone going abroad about not only studying and traveling.

I should have brought...


I didn't need

・other shoes.(three weeks was short)

I was happy to have...

・a guide book.

・a pair of slippers.

・a paper written the places address and number I'd stay.(especially when I was going to U.S.A)


・dictionary.(English-English is desirable)

・something for laundry like washing-up liquid.

Toronto is...

・not so big city.(you can see around by walking)

・a little bit dirty.

・relatively safe city.

Everything is huge...

Danger depends on time, clothing you wear...

You don't have to worry about safety so much in early morning subway...

in N.Y.

You shoud...

enjoy everything.(you can enjoy whatever, wherever, whenever and however you are(do))

go anywhere you wanna see even by yourself.

thank anyone who supports you.

know cultures of countries.

You don't need

to be afraid.

a preconception to everything.(but sometimes, it could be a topic)

any Japanese.(if you really want to be able to speak English)

In my opinion,

people are not so different from us. Of course, some people are shy as Japanese.

if though we speak English, we can't chage our each character easily.

Japan is sooo clean.

western often say "Thank you", "you're welcome" and "have a nice ~" more than Japanese.(Japanese rarely say that.)

Japanese seems reluctant to go extreme.(e.g. tiny cell phone)

it's important to have experiences and knowledge.

How you can answer(react) is dependent on your experience and common sense.

Though it was just three weeks, I can do something for you.

Please, feel free to ask me.

I'll write it again in Japanese.

Thank you so much.

That's all for my studying in Canada and America.

I must start walikng again.