日記ですな。私が生きた証。 私が自ら作り上げていく人生。 第3幕。

What you wanna do is what you can do

This article was wtitten on 28th Feburary, the final day of my studying abroad. I wrote everything I felt in Canada.


The last day.

I took many pictures with my friends, teachers, host mother and housemate.

I can't say that it was either short nor long and everything was enjoyable.


It's certain that I lived in Toronto 3 weeks.

It's true that I had a very good time and experiences.

I wrote many things I felt on my blog. I tried to tell just not only for my expression but for encouraging people who read this.

I hope this blog could be encouraging.

I'm also facing a difficulty. The life is not obliged to work out as you'd planned.

But as I felt through the this blog, I'm not alone. There are many people who support me. We are living in a huge chain. Someone must help you even if it was unconcious.

Then, we are growing up with finding weakness. To know weakness is to be strong. You can help other people where already you've known in.

It's a very useful way of thinking when you are in a problem.

Anyway, I'll sum up the experience in English and Japanese in the near future.

I hope it to be something for you.

Thanks a lot.

Thank you very much for reading. Thank everyone who made a comment on my blog.

Thank everyone who send any massege for me.

I really appreciate it.

My 3 weeks gonna end.

Yap, I worry whether I can buy something in N.Y. because my suitcase is full. There is no room for new

Don't be afraid.

What you wanna do is what you can do.

Don't be shy.