日記ですな。私が生きた証。 私が自ら作り上げていく人生。 第3幕。


Today is the day which I stay at Toronto whole a day. I ate a hamburger that was not macdonald's but frozen food. But it was tasty.

And after that I had nothing to do... So, I had been watching the TV for long time.

I can catch the English in TV about 50 percent. They spoke so quickly. I had not been interested in western TV however, I found some interesting points about it.

The first is that I can watch many girls and boys that we can't find in a film of hollywood. As I wrote, the western children is cute and pretty. That is an important thing and what I can enjoy without language problem. And next is the drama was like musical. This may be why I watched a show like high school musical. It was fun for me who like dance. Anyway, I wish I can understand English from speaker 100 percent.

And, today is fine. I heard that it had been minus 30 degree last week!!!

Can you belive it?

I go to a language school from tomorrow.

The match will start.