日記ですな。私が生きた証。 私が自ら作り上げていく人生。 第3幕。

Arrival at toronto

It took much time to arrive at Toronto. I got sick by airplane. I'm uncomfortable.

Anyway,I could reach the host family's house. There are two(three?) international students from Brazil and Rossia. They speak English fluently. So I can't follow them sometimes. Furthermore, I'm tired so much and my head can't work well.

But I will try to join a conversation and ask again and again. If I could do that, this experience would be a more valuable.

I read a book written in English,"to Japan, with love". This is an essay about Japan. So, there is no difficult expression and you can read easily. I recommend it.

Well.......by the way, why is a western child so pretty? Unfortunately, my host family has no a little child.

Good night!!!!!!!!!!