日記ですな。私が生きた証。 私が自ら作り上げていく人生。 第3幕。

Getting used to....

I am getting used to people(classmates) rather than language and surroundings.

I feel that I can communicate with them. I'm happy to find something and step like this feeling everyday.

And I went to a Korean restaurant with friends, Japanese and Korean.

I thought I was going to be listener for some reason or other.... The Korean friend said that I was so seriously. Ummm.....

After that, we went a cafe. And I ordered coffee, then I was asked something I couldn't get. So, I said "sorry?" twice.... The waiter changed the words understandable for me...oh my...;( I need practice more.

Anyway, to waaeda univ. students.

You are so lucky. You had a lot of experience without notice. Waseda univ. is different from the others. For example, as far international students, circles and more. I saw many people including Japanese here. Frankly speaking, there are people who feel like the well-speaking English and play a roll American or lazy person. (hide a true personality?)

I know the students who can speak English much much much more than them in waseda. Though I mean they are not bad,I think they are small-minded than the person who study English earnestly. Earnest is cool. Don't hide!!

And then, I notice that I can enjoy however,whatever,whenever and wherever you are. Fun can be beyond everything!!!(I mailed it kanako San):)

I said to waseda univ. students, though, I wrote it to me. haha

Good night.