日記ですな。私が生きた証。 私が自ら作り上げていく人生。 第3幕。

To N.Y.

This article was written on March first.

I have another article about the final day.

I'll upload soon. Please, keep my English some more.


I couldn't write anything two days because my iPod didn't work. But I kept taking a note. So, I wrote again.

Actually, my studying abroad is done.

But I wanna keep writing in English, at least till I go back Japan, I'll do it.

I arrived at the airport before 4 hours of my fright.

And I could finish everything before I board on the plane. So, I had a lot of time till the fright. It was 3 hours.

Therefore, I ate lunch slowly and read an English book written by Obama.

Then, one hour passed. I left for my departure gate. But I realized that

My fright was cancelled!!! I don't know why!!!

Oh, my gosh.

I had to ask, ask and ask staff. Thank for giving many chances to speak English. Damn.

I could not help changing the fright from Continental to Air canada.

And one more thing was happened.

When I went throughed the customs, my bag was checked. I don't know why either. Then, the customs examiner inspected my pencil case. He asked "do you draw?" and I didn't catch the meaning. I knew. I knew the word. But I was asked suddenly, and I didn't know why. I couldn't answer, like "draw??". And he said "oh, no English...?" I must have been seen as the person who can't speak English at all. I was sullen hearing the words. LOL

So, I just answered "yeah" because it seemed troblesome if I said "no". It doesn't matter whether I draw or not. Afterall, I couldn't show I can speak English ,though.

Ahhhh!!!! Damn.

Through such hardships(?), I'll leave for N.Y.