日記ですな。私が生きた証。 私が自ら作り上げていく人生。 第3幕。

Almost first weekend

In this morning, I saw some wild squirrels. I was surprised and took pictures immediately. But I can't show you it. Sorry. I felt Canada. LOL

My Korean friends and I went went sightseeing in Toronto.

We visited CN tower, the highest tower in the world, china town, university of Toronto and Eaton centre. It was nice. I want to go back again and I'll buy something. That reminds me, Maybe tomorrow, I'm gonna go sightseeing by myself.

I noticed that the Korean had unique intonation in English. I was sorry that I couldn't hear them. It sounds as if "a lot of" is "aroud"(I don't know how I can say), "student" is "stdent" and "f" is "p". I don't know what is right. And I wonder about Japanese case. So, I asked my roommate from Rossian. Then, I heard that Japanese have too(or only me). I can't make a fool someone has strange pronunciation.

After all, it is not unusual that anyone has own intonation.

And there are the best 2 words to use frequently when I am in Toronto.

These are "get" and "have".(as far as I think)

It is very useful words. You may get my thought if you go abroad. What do you think??

Ah, happy valentine's day.